Traffic transport analysis

The analysis of traffic flows (ATP) is the most important process of traffic management. A properly constructed traffic management system based on a comprehensive analysis of these flows is capable of doubling the throughput of existing roads.

The traffic analysis system includes a set of solutions consisting of the following systems:

  • Analysis of traffic transport
  • Surveillance system behind the flow
  • Video display and registration facilities
  • The system of recognition, registration and maintenance of the database of automobile license plates

The system of the analysis of transport streams allows:

Remotely monitor traffic at intersections of streets and highways.

Tracking such incidents as complicating traffic in a certain direction, congestion, traffic accidents, violation of traffic rules.

If necessary, the operator, receiving a video image from a problematic section of the road, has the ability to remotely control the traffic by changing the traffic light mode.

Promptly make decisions about calling the appropriate services (traffic police, ambulance) in the event of an accident or other situations.

With the help of modern analysis tools, it is possible to automatically obtain data on the nature of the traffic flow and to detect the complications of traffic in a certain direction, congestion, traffic accidents, traffic violations in difficult sections of traffic arteries and intersections.

The main emphasis is on the ability to analyze the received data from cameras in automatic mode with timely notification of the relevant services when an alarm event occurs. This allows you to effectively control more territory without the need to increase the workstations of video surveillance operators.