Overview surveillance video surveillance

Design and installation of surveillance video surveillance is used for the organization of professional video surveillance systems, allows for round-the-clock monitoring of the perimeters of objects, urban areas, adjacent areas of protected facilities, etc.

Overview surveillance video and situational video surveillance tasks:

Automatic detection and reporting of events such as:

  • Unauthorized access of outsiders to closed areas;
  • Running, fast moving, fighting;
  • The accumulation of people, the formation of the crowd;
  • Movement in the forbidden direction, including against the main stream of people;
  • Abandoned and carried items;
  • Ignition.

Information-analytical subsystem generates statistics about the flow (it is provided in the form of tables and graphs):

  • Flow counting;
  • Length of flow and individual links;
  • Flow time;
  • Number of people in the zone.

Management and monitoring

  • Equipment control;
  • Detailed information on each monitored device;
  • Monitoring the quality of video streams;
  • Localization of failures and device failures;
  • Notification of personnel and provision of information for prompt troubleshooting.

Management of patrols and outfit

  • Operative notification of all disturbing events in the zone of responsibility of the order or patrol; Operative check of violators on the basis of persons, including photographing of suspicious persons and the formation of a request to a subsystem of biometric video surveillance and automatic check on the list of violations recorded