Photo and video recording of traffic violations

Photoradar complexes are designed to control vehicles with automatic photo fixation of traffic violations. It is possible to transfer information to the server of the Data Processing Center (DPC).

Complexes allow you to create a database of violators, automatically recognize state registration marks of vehicles, check them on various federal and regional bases.

Complexes can record a wide range of traffic violations at intersections, linear sections of roads, railway crossings, city streets, parking lots, etc.

The possibility of full integration with the software used in the CAFAP OF TRAFFIC POLICE OF REGIONAL OFFICE OF THE MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS Russia.

Complexes automatically transmit data on violations, and all materials are a legally significant evidence base for issuing a ruling on an administrative offense.

Possibility to use different methods of data transmission: GSM, Wi-Fi, optical channel and others in agreement with the customer.